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Australia’s Leading Specialists in Engine Component Machining Services and Engine Reconditioning

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For decades, the Australian automotive industry has been able to rely on the quality reconditioned engines and cylinder heads from HM GEM.

An efficient, cost-effective solution for major industries across Sydney and wider Australia, including transport, mining, and more, HM GEM boasts over 50 years of experience offering the best in diesel engine rebuilds and repairs. Experts in the field, HM GEM distributes throughout the country, providing professional engine reconditioning, cylinder head reconditioning, and machining services, with each meeting the strict ISO:9001 quality standards to ensure safety and satisfaction for our clients.

With such experience and knowledge, our team at HM GEM guarantees excellent service for all jobs we undertake. We continue to function as one of the leading providers in our industry, at the forefront of supplying reconditioned engines and services across sectors in Sydney and wider Australia, such as marine, mining, and power generation.

HM GEM: Leading Engine Reconditioning & Rebuilding

Founded in 1968, HM GEM has grown to become an industry leader in engine reconditioning and rebuilds for our clients in Sydney and across Australia. Our name has become synonymous with excellent machining services, such as diesel engine rebuilds and cylinder head reconditioning, and as the largest engine reconditioning manufacturer in the country, HM GEM provides only the highest quality products and services.

engine reconditioning

Heavy Duty Reconditioning

Crankshaft Grinding

Cylinder Head Servicing

Diesel Engine & Cylinder Head Reconditioning Facilities in Sydney, Melbourne & Across the East Coast

With services spanning reconditioned engines, heavy-duty reconditioning, crankshaft grinding, and cylinder head servicing, we continue to supply exceptional Machining Services to industries in Sydney and across the rest of the country, including automotive, agricultural, earthmoving, and transport.


Providing our reconditioned engines at a low cost to our various clients ensures that we at HM GEM continue to be one of Australia’s leading diesel engine rebuilders, as well as a preferred choice for a wide range of customers. Establishing reconditioning facilities across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, we are uniquely positioned to provide quality supplies and services for a large client base in a range of essential industries. With access to 9 machine stops across the country, we can provide a selection of services, such as cylinder head and engine reconditioning, as well as diesel engine rebuilding. Our team of diesel engine rebuilders possesses years of experience, equipping them with the necessary skills and abilities to guarantee an exceptional level of quality for our engine reconditioning services, no matter how large or small the job.


Warranty for Reconditioned Engines, Cylinder Heads and More

To offer our clients greater peace of mind, we at HM GEM supply a 12-month unlimited-kilometre warranty on all our exchange engines, new cylinder heads, and exchange cylinder heads. Simply register your warranty after a trusted, registered business has fitted your engine following the instructions and service requirements provided. With this assurance, you can have even greater confidence in our products and services at HM GEM.


Contact Us to Learn More About Engine Reconditioning & Other Services

If you would like to know how your operations can benefit from our low-cost and exceptional diesel engine rebuilds and reconditioning, or for more information on our various costs and services, contact our team on 1300 360 110 for engine sales and 1300 767 040 for machining services.


For added peace of mind, we also supply a 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty on all exchange engines, new cylinder heads and exchange cylinder heads. To benefit from this extra security, all you have to do is have the engine fitted by a registered business follow the fitting instructions and service requirements and register your warranty.

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